On Thursday 24, 2014 I attended a networking event put on by the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA). It featured about five companies with representatives. of course.  I spoke to three out of the five which included Fifteen Fingers, Buffalo Niagara Connection, and an auditing company. At each table, there seemed to be a trend where getting involved, being informed, and immersing oneself into that which they desire to be were huge topics. I see that this important because its a reoccurring subject at other networking events I have been to at Canisius ( Get that Job and Ad Club Networking Event, 2014).

Fifteen Fingers was the only design company present where Zack Shneider,  spoke about following your heart/passion in regards to your future. He also mentioned that working hard will always be apart of the equation, but if its something that you love, it will not be so bad. This resonated most with me because as a digital media arts student, he represents living evidence that gives me hope towards a career in design. “It’s scary, yet exciting to be graduating”, he said to the seniors, but life goes on and if we apply ourselves, we will be fine. Never stop moving is how I summed up his advice to us.