Although my hastened entrance into my spring internship has tossed me headfirst into the fast-paced world of sports broadcast, and although I have come to love the high-stress environment and tension filled nights of the MSG broadcast office, my heart has longed for the long hours of computer grinding required of a content creator. Upon learning of this, my supervisor advised me to apply to the Creative Services department upstairs, and what better way to get a foot in the door than an informative interview.

Vicki Sitek was the woman to talk to, the head graphic designer for the Sabres in-house creative department. I was a little more nervous than I expected, this being a first impression as a prospective intern in addition to the informative interview, but I was prepared.

Vicki was very friendly and helpful. Her path to the Sabres came through her husband, who worked for an ad agency that worked with the Sabres, and knew they were looking to hire in-house designers, a testament to the common phrase “it’s all who you know.”

She was eager to share the pros and cons of the job, happy about the constant flow of opportunities to challenge oneself and the work she can look back on in pride, but also forwarning about the challenges of meeting deadlines, making sure people understand the time it takes to do something right, and the pressure of always needing to “be on.”

Yet, she did not try to dissuade me from the path of a graphic designer. She left me these words of advice, applicable to any hopeful creative: ”

Be dedicated. People will tell you, don’t do it, but if you like doing it, you’ll find a way to get it done. Inspiration is key. Its easy to feel defeated when looking at others work, but you can get through it. Treat your internship seriously. You get out what you put into it.”