Earlier in the semester, I conducted an informational interview with Ashley Wallace, a second year graduate student in Canisius’ College Student Personnel Administration (CSPA) Program and a graduate assistant in the Office of Event Management. I had already been accepted into the CSPA program and I was preparing to interview for Ashley’s current position.

I started the interview by asking Ashley to explain exactly what tasks she does for Event Management. She gave me a rundown of a typical week, discussing different meetings she attends and other jobs she does, such as supervising work study students and working with clubs and organizations on event layouts. We then spent a while talking about the CSPA program in general and the classes I will be taking next year. Finally, she gave me some helpful tips on interviewing for the assistantship and questions her supervisors were probably going to ask me.

Ashley is such a lovely person and I really enjoyed speaking with her. She cleared up the majority of the questions I had about working in Event Management and helped me feel prepared for my interview. A few weeks later, when I interviewed for the position,  I was able to utilize her tips and ask questions pertinent to the position. About a week after I interviewed, I was offered the position and happily accepted it. I’m really looking forward to taking on this new role next year and I feel that this informational interview played a part in helping me acquire this position.