For my informational interview I interviewed my supervisor, Laura Wright for the Journeys Palliative Care Program from my particular facility Seneca Health Care Center and the overall supervisor for the Journeys Program at all McGuire Group facilities, Barbara Johnson. Because I already know both of them, I was not nervous and I think that this worked to my advantage because I felt comfortable asking anything that I wanted. One thing I learned that I wasn’t clear on before was the fact that there is no specific degree required to work as a Journeys Associate, but certain degrees and certifications can help increase chances of promotion. One major question I asked that I had been wondering about was about how I should “market” myself to other palliative care programs (without a nursing/medical degree) if I was to apply for a job or how to start working my way up. I was told that the best things I can do, are either start as a volunteer or start in another department within the organization and work my way up. This bit of information really excited me because I have taken a part-time position with activities at Seneca Health Care Center and eventually I would love to work with Laura again. Overall, even though I knew Laura and Barb before the interview, I learned a lot from it and I’m happy that I was given this opportunity.