I interviewed Linda Nardi, Managing Editor of Town & Country magazine. I emailed her blindly requesting an opportunity to meet, and she graciously accepted. I hoped to get some job application advice and what she looks for in editorial assistants-the position I would likely be qualified for, right out of school.

She had some great advice for me:

1. When you email an editor that is inundated with emails and text all day, keep your message brief and concise. If it’s too lengthy, it will likely be ignored.

2. Make sure your resume and cover letter are perfectly written (no spelling errors etc.)

3. You aren’t graduated, so you aren’t hire-able. Any position you’re qualified for isn’t one that an editor is willing to wait to fill-they want to fill it immediately.

I think the interview went very well. I walked away with some very helpful advice and I am applying it all to my job search, which is now underway.