I recently attended the Career Center’s Get That Job networking event in early March that was located in Grupp Fireside Lounge in the upper level of the Student Center. Upon arrival, students signed in, and were given a Canisius folder with a brochure that included information about the companies there, and provided a place for students to carry their resumes and business cards as well. Against the back wall were fruit, vegetable and cheese appetizers, along with cookies. The room was set up with various tables, one for each company, where they placed tri-folds, banners, brochures, graphics, and free items such as pens. The employees stood at their respective tables and talked to students when approached. Since the companies varied, so did the attending students, who included Business, Marketing, Communication, Digital Media, Accounting, English, and Computer Science majors to name some.

I talked to different people, but focused most of my attention with Camille Eichhorn from Localedge, a recruiting specialist for the media service company. Localedge was the only company there that was offering job opportunities related to digital media, including a Web Designer and Project Coordinator, Social Media Marketing Strategist, and Digital Optimization Analyst. She was an enthusiastic woman, and I had the chance to give her my business card and resume, since she was impressed by my verbal qualifications, and the fact that I was currently doing an internship to gain experience. Also, she was impressed by the appearance of my resume due to the fact that I am a Digital Media Arts student. In return, I asked for her business card. Overall, I benefited from the experience because I was able to practice interpersonal skills and networking techniques, demonstrate professionalism, give my elevator speech, and hand out my resume for prospective employers. Being able to network with professionals was a valuable experience to get my toes wet for upcoming situations in the “real world” and job interviews.