This past Monday, the 28th of April, I attended the Ad Club’s networking event in the Grupp Fireside Lounge. It was much smaller than I thought it would be, with only a couple dozen students in attendance, most of whom I knew from class, in addition to the two speakers and Dr. Dahlberg. However, I always prefer smaller parties. The speakers presented brief talks before sitting down with us, talking and reviewing portfolios.

The speakers spoke mostly to advertising hopefuls, emphasizing the importance of originality and bringing new ideas to the table. An old quote about advertising says, “Kids see ads and think, ‘I can do that sh**.’ So they go to school, get a job in advertising, and do that sh**.” Too many times the people looking to get into advertising end up creating everything based on what they’ve seen, but as our speakers said, they need to go beyond that, especially if they want to get hired.

Advertising is one of my potential career prospects, so being in the midst of some professionals who were willing to divulge the secrets of success was exciting.