The networking event I attended was on a February 20th at Pearl Street Brewery. Alpha Kappa Psi the only co-ed business fraternity at Canisius College holds four alumni gathers during the year, this one was the Alumni Happy Hour. We use these events as prime opportunities to network with our alumni that attend from as recent as last year and as far back as the graduating class of 1978. These Brothers are very established and successful mainly in areas of accounting but also in major companies like; GEICO, BCBS, the CIA, M&T Bank, New Era, fourthidea, and law firms. Many of our alumni come with potential internships or jobs in their pocket they are willing to hand out if you make a good impression with them. With this in mind, I stepped out of my comfort zone to make my rounds and introduce myself to everyone. By the end of the night I was pleasantly surprised that two men whom I spoke with in the beginning of the night went out of their way before they left to give me their business card. First, Mr. Jeff Statura is a VP at M&T Plaza and he told me if I would like to further my career with M&T to give him a call. Then Mr. Steven Cavaretta extended an invitation to call him for a summer internship in PR for his contracting firm. The position I went after was with Ms. Arielle Blanchard at fourthidea. Arielle offered me an internship position last year but unfortunately I was currently full time at M&T, she told me she would be in touch. All around I gained confidence to reach out to powerful and professional people that can be intimidating but the night went above and beyond my expectations that I am sincerely pleased about.