This semester, I’ve decided to take on the added load of being at two internships. The reason I’m doing this is because aside from my final capstone classes, I’ve taken all the required courses I’ve needed to take. Why not spend my extra time getting some more real world experience instead of electives?

One of my internships is at a place I’ve already worked for in the past, Buffalo Rising. My previous experience there dealt with writing smaller stories and creating news out of press releases. Now, I get to write stories about the ongoing building preservation efforts in the city and meet the movement’s leaders along the way.

My other internship is at WBFO, the local NPR radio station. I got the chance to put in some work there over winter break and it’s already given me plenty of good news experiences. I got to go to the county courthouse to see Beth Hoskins be on trial for her animal abuse. I went to a press conference where the Ralph Wilson foundation announced they were donating to the Say Yes to Buffalo program. I’ve already done 3 phone interviews on my own for news stories. Pretty much every day I have been there, I’ve done something productive.

Even though I’m also working on my honors thesis this semester, I’ve still been fairly productive with these so far. Maybe when the times get tough later on, I’ll see I can truly persevere through all this last semester work piled down on me.