The first day jitters are always common when approaching a new experience.  On the first day of my internship at Abbey Mecca and Company, I was a little more excited than nervous.  I was excited to be part of a new team and be in the field of design. However, I prayed I wouldn’t forget what I learned in the past three and a half years of college.  Abbey Mecca is a small firm that specializes in advertising, branding and public relations.  Even though their firm is small, it does not show in their outstanding work.

The first task I was given was to sketch illustrations for an educational pamphlet for a solar energy company.  The pamphlet was geared towards students in grades one through eight.  My guidelines were to make it bright, colorful and easy for children to understand.  My supervisor told me to sketch out my illustrations first, then convey it in Illustrator.  I have always jumped right into designing on Illustrator and rarely took the time to sketch ideas out.  (I know, it is a habit I’m trying to break…)  This was the first obstacle I faced at my internship.  Although I had to change how I conveyed my ideas, it ended up working out.  After a week of working on it, the creative director submitted a proof of the pamphlet to the client.  I am very excited to hear about their reaction.

Being an intern is the time to step out of your comfort zone and try different things.  This is a time for me to discover my strengths and weaknesses .  I am very excited to try new techniques and find what works best of me.  I am even more excited to be a part of the Abbey Mecca and Company team.