I am currently in my third week at my third and final Canisius internship at Righteous Babe Records here in Buffalo. Although I’ve only been in the office a handful of times, I am really loving it because I can already tell I am going to leave with diverse and extensive experience.

Righteous Babe Records was started by musician and Buffalo native Ani DiFranco in 1990. The offices of Righteous Babe are housed at Babeville, a beautiful converted church on Delaware Avenue. In addition to offices, Babeville boasts two concerts venues (Asbury Hall and The 9th Ward), as well as a rentable art gallery. The work I complete this semester will support both the record label and Babeville.

So far, I’ve completed a variety of tasks that have included writing press releases for upcoming concerts at Babeville venues, submitting show information to local event calendars, entering artist touring information into a database system, and organizing and digitizing press archives. I have also just begun a large social media project for Righteous Babe. My tasks are teaching me about so many areas, like marketing, writing, public relations, social media, how a record label functions, and how a concert venue functions. As a marketing and communication studies student with a huge passion for music and live shows, I know I’m in the right place. I’ve already done so much in this barely three week period, so I’m very excited what will come my way the rest of the semester.