I would definitely consider myself a “people person” so when I was given the opportunity to intern in the Corporate Relations department at BlueCross BlueShield of Western New York, I was beyond excited. The idea of event planning and execution is always something that has interested me so I am thrilled to get the experience to contribute to events at BlueCross BlueShield and act as a brand ambassador for the company.

The majority of my time as BlueCross BlueShield is spent preparing for events, executing them, and then evaluating them after. For example, this past weekend we hosted one of our major events, Family Day at University at Buffalo. To prepare for this event I had to make sure that everything was packed and ready to go, this includes pull-up banners, any branded signage, games, branded table cloths, and anything else that we may need to help the event run as smooth as possible. During the event I was stationed at the registration table, making sure that every person who attended Family Day had filled out a waiver, filled out a registration form with basic demographic information, and I answered any questions that people may have had about the event. After the event is over I gather information from our registration sheets and waivers about the people who attended the event to find out whether they are BlueCross BlueShield members or not, and how many people attended the event overall.

Having been with BlueCross BlueShield for a little while now I can definitely say that I love the atmosphere in the office and I enjoy that I feel as if I fit in with the Corporate Relations Team. I love being able to learn from the team in the office, but also gain experience executing events and connecting with the public. I can’t wait to see what else I learn in the next few months!