Writing for the Public Media is a great responsibility. Everything I write will be shared with the general public and will also be posted and archived for people to see for generations. Although I know that is unrealistic to believe that people will reread the articles it is still awesome. During my past couple of weeks I have spoken to senators, congressmen, school board officials, the National Weather Service, Mayor Brown, representatives from a plethora of companies, you name it! I have enjoyed my internship so much, not only because I get to speak with many influential people, but I also learn something new several times a day.  Being a part of a news team means I receive information before the general public. Also, I get to learn something new on a variety of topics everyday. I love my internship and the people I work with. They are all extremely well educated in their fields, and they also love their jobs. Brian Meyer has been a news editor since he was 16; if there is anyone to trust to shape your career in Western New York it is him! Omar Fetouh and Eileen Buckley have also been working in the field for years now, and have tons of information and tips to help me grow in the future. I believe if one is not learning something everyday than they cannot grow past the “usual” or “expected”. Those who learn everyday, challenge themselves, and always ask questions of those that obtain any form of knowledge is the fountain of youth and the key to happiness.


Posted on behalf of Sydnie Perkins.