The networking event that I went to last semester did not have a lot of people that were in the career field I want to pursue, so this networking event was a great opportunity.  The event I attended this semester was a WordPress meet up group. I thought this would be a great way to learn more about WordPress and meet people involved in the web world. I met a few people whose careers are in web design and programming. I also met people who wanted to create and maintain their own personal/business websites. At first I was nervous about going to this event because these people know about lot about WordPress already. However, everyone was very welcoming and they were great at pointing out new information about web design that I did not know. We went over a design for a car parts website, which was created in Photoshop, and from there we create the website through WordPress. From this networking event, I learned about different resources to use to learn more about the web and met some professionals in the web design industry. The best part about this meet up group is that they meet twice a month, so I can keep going to be able to stay in touch with these people.


Posted on behalf of Stephanie Pullybank.