For my networking event, I went to the Buffalo Women’s Event sponsored by the Bonadio Group. This event was put together for all the ladies out there to network and the cost was also going to a benefit. Since my dad works for the Bonadio Group, he let me know about this event since a lot of good companies and successful women would be there.

It was located at Buffalo RiverWorks, which is this really cool place right on the river. There ended up being a lot of people there, and it was a little intimidating since a lot of the women were older and seemed really knowledgeable and established. However, I was able to initially meet some of the ladies my dad works with and they were all very nice and welcoming. That is the way it turned out with a lot of people there, if you are polite, than they are more than happy to start a conversation with you.

This was not the first networking event I’ve been too, but it was definitely one of the more formal ones. This is still new to me and it will take some more getting used to. But, after being to a couple—from very casual to formal—I think I can be more prepared for each opportunity.