My experience working for Inside Sales Team as a digital video intern has so far been a positive experience. My role is to film, edit and produce digital video content for IST and their clients. The first project I was assigned was to produce a short recruiting video for potential employees of the company. With some guidance from IST’s media director, I filmed many interviews with the CEO and employees. I also filmed at various locations around the office and in Buffalo to acquire enough b-roll. I then organized the nine interviews I’ve shot and began to find the best soundbites about the company. I could then compile everybody into a short, three-minute clip that explains who IST is and why somebody would want to work for them.

The most challenging aspect of this project was compiling and searching the best 5-10 second sound bites out of over an hour of footage. There was no script and very little direction given for the video, and this led to a bit too much footage to handle for such a small video. I am happy with how the end product turned out, it just took longer than it needed to. In the future I plan to make much more stringent outlines and have the final product scripted.

My next project will be to film a series of testimonials for a client of IST that curates digital content for blogs and websites. These short videos will highlight how the firm has increased sales and business for companies.

I look forward to my semester with Inside Sales Team as their video intern, and am sure to gain much more practice and experience throughout this internship.