Beginning my first internship through the school and one that could potentially turn into a career, it’s safe to say I was pretty nervous. I was excited to utilize the knowledge I’ve learned though classes and jobs held through the years, but truly experiencing working in a business was an experience I was anticipating. Walking in my first day all suited up I didn’t know what to expect. When I was brought over to my own cubicle with my own company laptop with my name on it, I thought “wow this is great!” As the first week carried on, I continued to learn more about what was expected from me, what I would be working on and I learned more about Ronco as a whole and the IT industry.  Jumping forward into everyday activities, I have come to assist with different projects such as developing a new website, completing customer service review calls, developing and posting social media posts, all while learning more and more about the IT industry. Now prior to this internship I had no experience in the IT world and didn’t think much of it. It’s really an industry that goes unnoticed in the grand scheme of things, but in order to have phone services, connectivity and capability to handle multiple computers on one network, the IT industry saves the day. More specifically, on what tasks I’m working on, the redoing of the website requires the liking of all the aspects Ronco provides in a   more visually appealing and viewer friendly way. I joined the team toward the end of the development so I was able to help but not substantially. One daily activity I do complete however is the taking of surveys regarding Ronco’s service at recent placements.  This provides insight into the kind of work Ronco does and it’s always great to receive compliment in the organization you work for. As I’m getting adjusted to the internship I do however have to say it’s more marketing research than I expected. I did expect to be completing  more promotional material and helping out with more marketing directly , but it’s still early in the game so here’s hoping that increase as the weeks continue.