I am interning at LocalEdge, a company most known by the public for the phonebook, but in recent times has been a driving force in international web design and landing pages. I was very anxious about starting this internship as I wasn’t very well versed in web design, but I was always up to learning something new that I can take with me in the future.
My first day I was thrown right in, expecting to just show up for orientation and paper signing, when I was sent directly from that to the office where I was assigned to shadow people from 4 departments. Though it was quite nerve wracking walking in on the first day, it really helped me to understand what the goal of the company was overall in the grand scheme. Most of my duties so far have been training in the programs and learning a new computer language in a crash course, which is a good way to ease in to the web development world, but I most recently was given a mockup for a client to work on which was very exciting.
Overall, I really enjoy this internship, liking my co-workers and supervisor and everyone being very friendly and helpful. It is completely different to my summer internship, which I think will help me figure out what kind of environment I want to work in after graduation.