My internship this semester is with Jordan Lema at Lemur Studios. I had an early start with Jordan as I collaborated with his team for The 48 Hour Film Project. At 7 p.m. on a Friday night in August, we were given a genre, character, line, and prop to include in our short 5-7 minute film. No material could be used that was produced prior to the contest. The process began with brainstorming ideas, then writing the script, and the next day we took on shooting. Shooting went from 9 a.m. Saturday into 4 a.m. Sunday and we picked it up again Sunday at 9 a.m. until 12 p.m. Meanwhile, we were running the footage back to Jordan’s to be edited and the film had to be handed in at 6 p.m on Sunday. The whole experience was educational. I’ve worked on many sets prior to this, but this by far was the most people behind the scenes I had ever worked with. I was completely impressed by the final result. This project is definitely something I would participate in again. You can watch the final film below:

Monday, this week, was my first day in the office with Jordan. I came in for a few hours to edit a promotional video for The Western New York Ford Dealers as they just recently launched the Ford Future Techs program, which will educate students on the changing technologies in automotive repair. This video is a lot like many others I will be editing. Jordan has a wide variety of clients however, from Lasertron to Olmsted Parks.  I certainly look forward to working with Jordan on more shoots and gaining more experience with video editing.