Today I finally started my internship at Gelia. I have been really anxious and exciting to start it because I am at a marketing agency, which is different than anything I’ve done before. Before I was in a position as more of a freelancer, so I did a lot of work on my own time and much of my communication via skype.

I was excited to experience the environment and find out what it is like to work with a lot of other departments.

My first day ended up being a little slow though. I got to tour the office and I got assigned my own cubicle and large mac desktop. I got an official Gelia email account, which is kind of cool. It seems like I will be getting to do a lot of client work, which is good, because those are things I can add to my resume and portfolio.

So far the atmosphere is pretty quiet and feels very business-y. Most of the people there are a lot older than me and seem to have a lot of paper work to do. But, I look forward to start doing some work.