This past week, I started my second internship at Shea’s Performing Arts Center in the marketing department. This is quite a change from my last internship, which was in the promotions department at Entercom Radio. This change not only includes a change of location, but also includes me using a form of transportation I have never used alone before: the metro. After only 3 round trip rounds, I think I’ve mastered the metro and its schedule, and I am also feeling more and more comfortable in my new work environment.

When I applied for this internship, I knew it would be a great deal of responsibility, which I learned from the job description online. My internship would include assisting the marketing department with advertising, public relations, market research and promotions needs; writing press releases and media advisories; creating press kits and media mailings; assisting with implementing marketing plans; and assisting with marketing displays.

As of writing this post, I have only worked at Shea’s three times, but I can say that I have already completed many tasks on that list, and some unique tasks not on that list. On my first day, I wrote a media advisory, filled out forms to request interviews and appearances for the cast of Newsies (Shea’s first Broadway show of the season) and began researching promotional tie ins for upcoming shows Matilda and Sylvia the Play. Since then, I’ve worked on organizing a vast inventory of marketing materials, creating marketing displays for an upcoming event and organizing marketing documents.

What I like about this internship so far is that I’m really seeing how a marketing department functions. My supervisor is the director of the department, so I’m often assisting her with major marketing projects. I hope to learn much more about marketing from this office and be able to take new marketing experience to a future internship or job. Based on only 3 work days, I can tell that that is very likely.