As I reach the end of my internship, I realize how bitter sweet this moment truly is. On one hand, I have gained so much knowledge from my supervisor and the people I have worked with over these past few weeks, but on the other hand it’s all over with. My time spent at my internship has been helpful and I can honestly say that I have accomplished the goals that I wanted to accomplish. My writing and verbal skills, I feel, have been tested on a daily basis and I feel that I have overcome so much in the few short weeks I have been there. I have been constructively criticized multiple times and for that I am grateful. My supervisor gave me the knowledge and experience I needed to improve as a professional in the career field.  I would tell any student if they were thinking about an internship, don’t just think about it, do it! You will never regret the experience you have gained at the internship, both good and bad.  I have no regrets about doing this internship and I am happy to say that I have gained one more professional I can go to for advice on my resume, writing and future aspirations.