As cliche as it sounds, when I thought about what to write in this blog post, Semisonic’s “Closing Time” came to mind. You can probably tell, since I’ve titled this blog post with the song’s most ubiquitous lyric.

This Thursday marks my last official day as an intern in the offices of Entercom Buffalo. However, I will still be working at Alt Buffalo’s Kerfuffle concert, taking place this Saturday. After that, my time in the promotions department will be complete. No more calling radio listeners to tell them they won concert tickets, no more labeling meet and greet packages, no more delivering multiple cases of wine to the Buffalo Botanical Gardens (yes, a real task I had to do).

Before starting this internship, I had two close friends complete it in previous years, and based on what they had told me about it, I knew that’s the kind of work I wanted to do. So many of my different tasks in the office were not surprises to me. What was unexpected to me in this internship was how much I loved the environment I worked in. The promotions department is basically a team of three, one of those three being my supervisor, Sam. It’s hard to recall a day when I didn’t laugh with this group of people. Despite having fast paced jobs where they were always busy planning major events, the team still managed to crack a joke and keep the environment positive. I always felt welcomed and listened to, which I know does not happen in every internship, and I am so lucky to have my first internship experience with such a fun and interesting group whom I will definitely miss.

“Closing time , open all the doors and let you out into the world…”: another lyric proclaimed by Semisonic in “Closing Time”. I could try and explain what I learned in this internship, but I think it’s easier for me to explain what I feel. I feel prepared. I feel prepared to take on new tasks and enter new environments. This internship has given me confidence and tools I will take with me as I leave Entercom. It’s always sad to leave a place, but it’s equally as exciting to move on to new paths ahead.