Through out the summer of 2015 I will be spending most of my time interning for the Elmwood Village Association. Two days a week I will dedicate my time to controlling the social media, writing blog posts and representing the association as a young intern. Personally, to be involved at a popular community organization, I am excited to see what this summer has in store.

Only two days in and the little time I have spent there has already exceeded my expectations. The first day consisted of complete instructions and information about all things EVA and what tasks my supervisor would like completed on a daily basis. The glimpse of how the internet tools work and what kind of writing I will be doing was more than interesting. The second day consisted of actually putting those instructions to work. I wrote 4 or 5 social media posts and felt confident that the community would respond well to them. Also, it was interesting to see what community happenings were going to take place in the area, write about them and then see what the people on Facebook and twitter had to say. Already I am seeing the impact of how an organization is seen on social media and how important it is.

This upcoming week it will be time for interviewing our first candidate for the EVA blog posts and I am eager to see how the process goes. My fellow intern is a joy to work with and each of my supervisors has made me feel welcome and a part of the team of such a wonderful organization. This summer will be all about gaining professional experience in something that is also a lot of fun!