I began my internship on May 26th and thought it was a great atmosphere: the people, the space … everything was different than what I had thought of the typical office.  We began with introductions and I started reading up on the company. I was a little taken back at first because I wasn’t exactly sure I fit in quite yet, but later in the day, I felt like this is where I am meant to be. The president of the company had a sit-down with me, which impressed me, considering he is the “top dog.” As I talked with him about my skills, my life and then my major, he was very excited that I wasn’t just one studying one aspect of communication. I have been studying Public Relations, Advertising and some of Marketing in my years here at Canisius and he seemed to like the diverse background and new ideas that I have to offer for the company. My advice for those in the Communication field … don’t put yourself into just one category; know all the different concentrations and then you can decide which one you want to pursue.  But don’t let that define you for future aspirations. One of the many reasons why I picked the Communication and Media Studies field all those years ago was because it covered so much and I could find what I liked and pursue it. So far my reasoning has finally paid off at my internship and I feel like my placement couldn’t be any more perfect for me!