I’m a person who absolutely loves concerts. In fact, I think I’ve said the sentence “If I could live at a concert, I would” more than once. So when friends of mine told me about their internships in the promotions department at Entercom Radio, where they worked at local concerts like Kiss 98.5’s Kiss the Summer Hello and Alt Buffalo 107.7’s Kerfuffle, I was immediately intrigued. I followed in their footsteps and applied for an internship, armed with knowledge of event planning from my position on Canisius’s Student Programming Board, and was thrilled when I was offered the position.

I’m now in my second week at my internship, and the promotions department is currently preparing for the Kiss the Summer Hello concert which takes place this Saturday. I’ll be working at the event as a runner for one of the artists, and in the short time I’ve spent in the Entercom office, I’ve already helped the team prepare for the show in different ways. I’ve put together meet and greet packages, bought out Party City’s inventory of white table clothes, and even ordered food for the artists who will be performing, including Jordin Sparks and Flo Rida.

I’ll be in the office once more before the concert, I’ll be part of a staff meeting Thursday night, and then before I know it, it will be the day of Kiss the Summer Hello (let’s hope for good weather)! When I was thinking about the event, I was initially nervous about working at it. After all, when the event takes place, I’ll have only been an intern for two weeks. But the more I’ve been thinking about the concert, the more excited I get and the more I am looking forward to it. I’ve realized that working at the show will give me invaluable hands-on experience. My time in the office is great for learning about conducting myself professionally and learning about how the office works, but when I’m at the concert, I’ll see all the planning and preparation pay off. It will be busy and crazy and fun, and it will hopefully allow me to see if I would like to continue to work in the area of concerts and promotions after I’m done with college. And anyways, I’ll be at a concert, so I won’t be complaining.