My early mornings have finally come to an end. No more having to wake up at 5am is going to be such a nice change this summer, yet I am going to miss working with all of the WGR guys so much. They were worth the 5am’s because of how much I learned this semester. I am so grateful for how much I have learned and the amazing people I have met throughout this entire process. Leaving was bitter sweet because I may not see some of these guys in a very long time. Their knowledge of sports and the fact that they were able to think of intelligent things to talk about for hours each and every day amazed me. I left my internship with so much confidence because of all of the things I learned in this internship and how much I have grown. I learned a lot of technical things with the production side of radio as well as everyday life lessons and advice for the real world. I will definitely miss everyone at Entercom and would highly recommend any student to do an internship there especially because of how amazing of a teacher my advisor Matthew was.