At the Serious Game Competition I was overwhelmed with the number of high profile Buffalo business men and women. As the only one with decent handwriting in the room earlier that day, I was forced to write the name tags for the judges and under their names I wrote their job titles. Holy cow, if I wasn’t nervous enough already…president 43 North, Buffalo Niagara Partnerships, head of Creative IT Fisher-Price, President of Technology at M&T bank, lead attorneys, city majority leader, head of technology of Buffalo public schools…the list went on. I tried my best to make eye contact with each of them as I was presenting. The one women who was the head of Buffalo Niagara Partnership asked a bunch of direct questions at the conclusion of our presentation. She seemed to be quite the idea woman. I like to think I have knack for listening to people and responding appropriately. Anyway, I felt like I was able to respond fully to all her questions very politely and she finally cracked a smile. After the competition she spoke with my mom for a little while and was impressed by my responses. The event was so crowded but she congratulated me later that day and said she thinks I should apply.  I have her business card.Women are needed in the industry, she told me.

So although I may be shy, I know my strengths revolve around listening.