I attended the Buffalo Niagara Film Festival as a networking event. I felt it was appropriate since I was the editor of a documentary that was accepted and screened on April 14th. When I arrived at the Riviera Theater I found that a total of 9 individuals (including myself) were in the theater. The film is called “Forest Secrets: Science and Soul” an adventure through the world’s forest in the company of a Canisius College student narrator, Elizabeth George. It was actually hard for me to sit through the entire 50 minute film because it was created while I was learning to edit. If anyone has experience in film making, they can identify with wishing they could go back or redo something it in order fix mistakes. So, anyway the film ends and I found a few young guys and introduced myself. They were part of a team that also submitted to the festival:  Sam, the lead actor and Evan, a musician who did the score. We talked for a few hours about film-related topics and exchanged information. They invited me to watch the screening of their short film, “Enough to be Dangerous.” After seeing the movie they had talked up, it wasn’t as good as I anticipated, but there was quality cinematography. Overall it was a success, I found people with the same passion as me, who could be very beneficial to know in the near future. Even if it’s just to hire someone to compose a score, it’s something!