I have had an incredible experience at Lemur Studios. Not only is this a confirmation that I belong in the Digital Media Arts field. I feel blessed by the opportunities that Canisius has given me the past four years. Working with Jordan was learning experience in almost every possible way, from do’s and do not’s to how to operate a camera. It was demanding but invigorating even though some days were sitting at a desk and some were on the road at shoots. As an aspiring director I plan to start out doing freelance work and eventually become a successful independent screenwriter and director. The skills that I have learned at Lemur Studios, including how to communicate and negotiate with clients and being resourceful will help me tremendously with my future endeavors. I do think I have become a lot more confident on shoots and with my own projects due to the 5 months of experience that I have gained here. I feel more like a filmmaker everyday. I am grateful to be able to continue my work after this course as an intern, I know there is a lot left to learn.