And so it ends, this wonderful internship with Time Warner CableSports. During my time at Time Warner CableSports, I have achieved a higher level of productivity, knowledge, understanding and team building experience with an organization that is looking forward into the next century and beyond.

I would encourage everyone to apply for an internship or two. There is so much to learn when working on real world projects and productions.  There will be scheduling challenges between school, home, job and your internship. Do not worry too much about it. Through the process, you will become more organized and looking back on it, you’ll say it wasn’t so bad after all.

Take full advantage of this wonderful learning tool. Your life after graduation will benefit from the knowledge you’ve gained, and it will  also expand your networking base.

Lastly, send your supervisor a thank you letter for allowing “You” to complete your internship with them; it may be a way of getting  your feet in the door.