It was strange having my internship end because as we got closer and closer to the end, it seems like things just got more and more busy. Since Field 2 is a company like any other, they don’t have an “end of semester,” so the projects just kept going on instead of getting wrapped up and I was scrambling to get things done until the very last day.

But that is something that goes along with a career like web design. Often times there will be periods of endless, immediate work, and other times (though, not as frequently) it seems like there is none. In my internship I learned a lot about communication, time management, design and programming.

With design and programming I was able to add a lot of good design work to my portfolio and work that is now featured on live websites, which is great. I also achieved my goal of designing and creating a website mockup. On the programming end, I honed certain coding practices and learned some new tricks on WordPress that I will be able to use in many other cases. I think my skills were really tested at this internship because my supervisor would tell me whether something was good to go or whether it was just plain crap and to re-do it. She is good at what she does, and the internship has given me the ability to evaluate my own work and to hold projects to a higher standard.

As far as communication and time management, I have learned that with this kind of career, you need to make productive use of your time and have frequent communication on project status and updates. Since my internship involved a lot of remote work, I needed to take advantage of any free time I had to get things done, because I never knew when something new would come up.

Overall, I learned a lot. I would recommend interning to anyone who can make the time for it because it is real work in your potential future career and it teaches you things that you couldn’t learn in class.