I worked my final shift at the HARBORCENTER on Thursday evening for the Sledge Hockey Tournament. The coolest thing (as was the case for the world tournament for girls under 18 a few months back) was the international play going on. Seeing Italy vs. Japan and Russia vs. the Czech Republic in Sledge hockey is the closest I’ll get to going back abroad any time soon.

Overall my experience in this internship had some good learning moments while providing me with the unique chance to intern at a brand new place, so essentially I was growing as the HARBORCENTER (and all of its surrounding brands) did. I did everything from making cold calls, putting up billboard ads, (almost) learning how to drive a zamboni, and understanding how an event is run – whether it was the weekly Youth Development Program or a huge world tournament.

In addition to all this, I think the most important thing I was able to pick up was how the culture of a work place works. Because of my lack of hours early in the semester, I was squeezed into wherever they could find space for me, which meant a lot of time working with all kinds of different people who all had different roles in skill sets for the organization. I think my favorite person to work with was with John, the ice tech, mainly because of how down-to-earth and truthful he was with me about just about everything.

Overall, my whole time with the internship was valuable to me because of the lessons I learned and the people I was able to meet. Truthfully, it wasn’t the most structured environment and for somebody who appreciates structure to a certain degree; that made it a little bit of an adjustment for me but it made me realize that every job isn’t like the fast-paced, super busy environment that my job I’ve had for seven years at Wegmans is. That’s enough of a lesson in itself.