There is so much I could possibly talk about right now, not to mention the fact that it is surreal that it’s pretty much all over. Working for Channel 2 was a great experience, and it was unbelievable how great it actually was. I expected more bad days, but honestly, pretty much all my days were either good days or great days!

Every day I was there, I kept track of what happened during the day in a reporter’s notebook given to me by Steve Brown. It was great to see that so many people really had my back there and truly wanted me to succeed. Steve would check in on me every once in a while to make sure I was still writing. Heather Ly would also frequently check in on me when I would work dayside. She was the one who suggested to me to get a binder and put everything I write in there, which proved to be invaluable. Quickly over the course of a semester, I filled my binder with stories I wrote for the scripts, as well as web stories. I can now use that for writing samples for any job I might want to apply for, especially a News Producer position. Heather was always very open and willing to help no matter what.

I bonded with so many people, I could write about every single one. Another person who I talked to a lot was Franco Ardito, one of the photographers/MMJ’s (Multimedia Journalists). Not only was he a great asset learning about filming, he also gave me great writing tips and he would always sit down with me and ask me, “What did you learn today?” He constantly kept me on my toes, making me sincerely think about what I was doing.

I was very fortunate to meet and really get to know so many people. One of my goals at the beginning of the semester was to know everyone in the station and have them know me. I realized that there are a LOT of people that work at the station, so it was nearly impossible to know every single person. However, I am glad to say I really did come to know the people that would always work at the same times as I did, and they came to know me in return.

Another one of my goals was to narrow down what I really like doing. There are so many different jobs and people that go into the running of a smooth show, so there are definitely a lot of possibilities. While I still do like to do a lot of different things, this experience really opened me up to the position of producing. I never really had the position of producer on my radar, but I have really come to enjoy that role through my experience. I still do believe I would rather report, because I really like being out in the field. I like going out from the station to gather stories on the front lines, talk to and meet all kinds of people, and be a visual storyteller. No matter what, writing well is essential, and I was glad to be able to strengthen my writing skills. That will definitely transition well to either producer or reporter!

In the end, this internship was everything I could have hoped for and more. While I don’t have a guaranteed position with Channel 2 right out of school, I know that I have gained so many good things that are ready to translate into any situation I might find myself. I do hope to stay in the area and hopefully one day end up back at Channel 2, but for now, I am content trying different stations and experiences. One day you might see me on the news, or hear my words through the anchors! I’ll make sure to think of you all when I’m rich and famous 😉 .