Looking back at my time with Harbortown Interactive, I  have to say it was anything but ordinary. When I initially thought “internship”, I pictured myself at a small desk in an office, doing small tasks and wearing knee length work attire; however, that stereotype was not an accurate depiction of my internship. There was business attire involved but what I found was a great deal of creative and personal freedom. My boss is a business man by trade, looking to enhance he existing computer learning game by overhauling the entire thing and creating Master Guru in 3D. I met with him and one other member of his team throughout the semester and found myself acting as an equal to them. Of course I went out of my way to be accommodating and respectful. My number one task was listening and translating their ideas into realistic versions of what a 3D program was capable of. There were some difficulties because our boss traveled often, and with the other intern, Dave and I both working as well as going to school full time, finding times and places to meet was often challenging. Their passion was there, but it takes a lot to get a project moving.

I found myself wondering if this was the traditional course of events for free lance designers. I imagine that there are a number of people out there working on side projects while keeping their full time job.