Networking is very important with any profession. I try and network as much as I possibly can. Since I am a senior and will be graduating next month, I figured that attending a job fair would be very beneficial. I went to a job fair that was held at Buffalo State on April 7th. At first is was a little overwhelming because I didn’t even know where to start. I just began going up to all the different companies to talk about my interests and introduce myself. There were a ton of really great companies there such as, Gieco, Ingram Micro, and Blue Cross Blue Shield. I met a lot of really great people who seemed very interested in me and what I was looking for in a career. These companies seemed to have a lot to offer, which was very nice to hear. As a senior about to graduate, it’s always good talking to other professionals to hear their story and how they ended up where they are today. This was my first job fair and I would most definitely recommend attending at least one!