For my Networking event I attended the Communications Studies department grad school panel meeting on February 19th. During this meeting I was lucky enough to ask questions to give me perspective on grad school. The panel consisted of 5 intelligent women who all exude confidence. Before the discussion started I was privileged enough to talk to some of them one on one. I have been considering grad school, but needing clarity to make a proper decision. One of women I spoke with told me how she took a brief hiatus to explore life and find out what is truly valuable to her. This was a big help to me; often times people tell me I need to go back to school immediately (avoiding breaks). She fully supported my idea to take some time off to examine myself and discover who I  truly am. My thought now is that life is not a race, you run at your own pace. I can not live trying to make everyone around me happy and ignore my own feelings.

One of the more interesting parts of night was hearing Sarah Graham speak. I had met her on a prior occasion when she was assisting my scholarship from The Urban Leadership Learning Community in the interview process to select incoming freshman. She spoke very highly of the experience. I am not sure if she noticed me in the crowd but I am honored that she speaks so highly of me and my peers.