I attended a networking event this week that hosted Canisius alum Annette M. Kajtoch, a Senior Vice President at First Niagara Bank. I went on April 23 in the Employee Services Suite on campus and what made it interesting is that it helped begin to immerse me into a field I’m not familiar with; there were two other students who attended – both with a finance background. While I didn’t have much to offer in that field, I was able to introduce myself to Miss Kajtoch and talk about some of my experiences I’ve had in school. I believe that I benefited from this experience by simply putting my name out there to somebody in a high position at a company in the area. It is my intention to email her in the near future to inquire about possible jobs in PR or Marketing at First Niagara and I feel this experience could only help in that regard. The event operated in a very informal manner while being very professional at the same time – what I mean by that is we were required to dress in business attire but there wasn’t any formal presentation done by Miss Kajtoch; we were allowed to ask any questions of our own while she did the same for us. Learning about somebody who took the same path as I did by growing up in the area and going to Canisius, it gave me some encouragement about potentially expanding my job experience in the area before moving on to a new and exciting location.