For my networking event, I didn’t attend a large or extravagant event. Rather, I took advantage of one of the various opportunities that Canisius provided me with. Jill Bond from Rich Products came to campus on Thursday, April 9th for a networking luncheon.

I was very unsure what to expect when I walked into the room, not to mention nervous and afraid to ask her questions. Initially, I felt a little intimidated by Mrs. Bond. But as she began to tell us more about her life experiences, I began to warm up. Mrs. Bond talked to us about how she has been a part of the Rich Products family for 27 years now. She mentioned the importance of networking and putting yourself out there. She also talked about the importance of being happy in our future jobs, and told us to never settle in a workplace where we don’t feel we can grow, we are not entirely happy, or that doesn’t feel like a family. She made me feel more content with my current situation when she said that no job is ever permanent and everyone will eventually find the job where we feel we belong and are useful to the company.

I felt that the most important thing that Mrs. Bond told us was to never underestimate ourselves because we are capable of more than what we may think.