I recently had the opportunity to attend a networking event with some Canisius success stories, ranging from local businessmen to teachers and medical professionals from further away. Though there wasn’t much representation from the type of business I hope to go in to, I did make the most of the opportunity.

I met alumnus Nicholas Barone, who works at a creative firm in the Buffalo Niagara area. From our conversation, I gathered that the local market is in search of creatives with interactive experience.

At this event, I also had the chance to talk with Jennie Smith, who works for a pharmaceutical company in Boston. While I had met Jennie before through my Video Institute project, I had the chance to talk with her in depth about my career goals. She was extremely helpful, as I plan to move to the Boston area after graduation.

Through this event, I learned that a connection does not have be made in the same profession to be valuable.