During the course of the fall semester, I had the privilege of interning in the prepress department at Zenger Group in Tonawanda. This placement was as close to working in the real world as I could have been.

Placed at my own desk alongside several other prepress designers, I had the opportunity to tackle accounts on my own.  I worked face-to-face with one of Zenger’s clients to provide a professional, full scale print piece from start to finish, an invaluable experience that will certainly help me in the future.

I was never to far from help though, as my supervisor and “co-workers” were always available to lend a hand when I needed it. The range of work I did kept me on my toes, and every account had valuable lessons I can use in the future.

One of my favorite experiences was spending a day in the warehouse, working on the largest printer the company has. It was about 80 feet long and could pump out almost 3,000 copies a minute. Getting to climb on it and see the color process that happens after the designing was done was a remarkable experience, and excited my inner-child a bit too.

Overall, my experience at Zenger was a great one, and I’m sure the experiences I had there will help with whatever career path I go down.