After being accepted for a spring internship, I was hoping to find an opportunity to work with a film studio that focused on narrative feature films. Now, I’ve realized what a rare and unique experience it would be to work with a studio that produces something besides wedding videos and professional medical tutorials. Buffalo is not completely unrecognized in terms of film history, it actually was one of the world’s first movie theaters of the 1920’s. Since then, nothing too great has occurred besides Bruce Almighty. Jordan Lema, the owner of Lemur Studios with a passion for cinematography, has been participates in the 48 hour film project for quite sometime now. The 48 hour film project is a yearly short film contest that is one of the closest things to narrative film-making in the Buffalo area. This is a side project of his, but it is something that seems like he would be happy doing most of the time. After I viewed some of his work, I realized we had some of the same goals when it came to making films.

After a few days there, I feel like I am learning new things from the moment I step into the door until the moment I leave. From editing to camera setup to budgeting and even professional communication. He really provides a perspective of what its like to own your own studio and to be in charge of producing your own work. After establishing my internship goals, he’s been challenging me to come up with my own ideas and to apply things I have learned to my own work. There’s a growing list of projects on the white board behind the editing stations and I’m excited for what I will learn from them in the coming months.

A photo of me taken by Jordan Lema after setting up a test time-lapse shoot.