My first day with Time Warner Cable Sports was simply awesome. The total production time from start to finish was about nine hours and forty-five minutes. I helped lay down and taped over 1500 feet of audio and video cable. This was typical for a five video camera set up. The 15 member crew had the HarborCenter ready for broadcast in a little over two hours and forty-five minutes. I had an opportunity to help with the white balance of all five cameras in the production truck.

Rick, my supervisor and the producer, allowed me to work each camera to become familiar with the setup and tear down process. During the live broadcast my job was to communicate with master control in Rochester to coordinate the commercial breaks.

The most interesting thing that happened during the live broadcast involved master control in Rochester saying we were taking a one minute break; however, they took a two minute break, which resulted in two goals, one by Canisius and one by Mercyhurst not being broadcasted live. The producer and announcers apologized for the mishap and used replay to bring the audience up to speed. 

Overall, the crew members made me feel welcome as if I was a part of the Time Warner family. The crew members work well together and really made an effort to get me up to speed with how a production runs. I look forward to our next broadcast assignment.