Four months ago when I was approved for an internship, I was really excited to start doing “real people work.”  I spent the next month doing research on places I would want to be an intern at. I made a list of about five and gave it to Dr. Irwin, our internship advisor.  A couple weeks later I scored an interview with Abbey Mecca & Company, an advertising agency that was not even on my list.  Two weeks go by and I finally am at my interview! I was really excited. As I got ready to go to my interview, I transformed into an awkward and nervous human. When I opened the door, I was surprised with how small the agency was. One of the workers there, who I later learned was named Paul, turned around. I was so nervous that I barely mumbled the words “I am here to meet with Daniel Mecca.”

The interview itself was great.  As soon as I sat down and he asked me when I could start. Best interview I have ever had. Since the two weeks have passed, I have had many awkward moments.

On the first day, I felt guilty about having to leave. My supervisor knew when I had to leave. I knew when I had to leave. I had class at 1. I had to leave by 12:30 to catch the train. Was my supervisor going to tell me when to leave? What if he’s on the phone? Do I need to be staying longer than I am? Do I really need to go to class today? At about 1:15, I decided it was time to leave. I mustered up the courage and went to my supervisor’s door and notified him that I was leaving. His response? “Okay! Thanks for coming in today. See you tomorrow!” I can’t believe I stressed myself over that. Needless to say, I did not make it in time for my class at 1.

Within the first week, this happened two more times. My supervisor was in the middle of doing a project with me. Time passed very quickly. All of a sudden, I was 10 minutes late for leaving. I felt guilty interrupting so I let him finish talking. I did not make it to class.

Finally, two weeks go by and it finally happens. I have to go to the bathroom. Most days I only come in for a couple hours, so this has yet to come up. I wanted to ask where the bathroom is, but I felt guilty. It’s already been two weeks. Maybe I can just hold it until I have to leave for class, and then search for the bathroom? Yeah, I’ll do that.

Five minutes later, I needed to go. It was dead silent in the agency. What an awkward time to bring this up. So, being the incredibly smart person I am, I waited even longer. Finally, twenty minutes later and the only other female in the agency turns on the music. As she sits down, I ask her where the bathroom is and free myself.

So far at my internship I have learned this: ask questions right away. Do not wait. It is only awkward and stressful.