So far my internship at ACS has been nothing but enjoyable. Everyone was very welcoming and automatically made me feel very comfortable and important. This is much different from my last internship in a sense that I have my own cubicle and am much more independent right from the start. My supervisor Jane is such a sweet lady and it makes me very excited to be interning there. I am mainly their social media intern, however I will be doing a great deal of promotions and event planning as well. I am currently helping ACS build up their Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Facebook page. They have never had a social media intern, so I am very excited to be able to help them out with that. I have been uploading pictures to the page from the walk they had back in October. I am also working on building up their Instagram and Twitter pages for Rochester, Buffalo, an Syracuse.
Also, there is a benefit in March that Jane needs help planning. She has asked me to make the invitations and help her find the perfect location for the benefit dinner. I mentioned 716 and she immediately contacted them about having it there. It made me feel good knowing that she wanted my opinion and really respected it.

This organization is truly amazing and I really look forward to interning there!