I started my internship at Entercom radio January 12th, not long ago at all, yet I already feel very welcomed and comfortable there. I am interning at WGR550, which is the Bills and Sabres sports radio. I am constantly learning each and every day. My advisor Matthew has pushed me since day one to learn as much as possible and I am so glad he has. I was pretty nervous my first day because I knew that a lot of what I was going to do, I had no experience in and it was going to be a lot to learn all at once. However, after my first day and that first week, I was not nearly as overwhelmed as I thought I would be. The hours were hard to adjust to at first and still are today, but I think in a week or two I should be getting used to waking up at 5:00 am. As well as getting use to waking up early, I am also getting used to the daily tasks my advisor asks me to help him with. I have been helping assist him in the production room, taking calls, cutting audio, posting interviews, writing sports articles, helping with discussion topics, writing and recording news updates that have been put on air, as well as so much more. The things I can learn at this internship seem endless. I am very excited for how much I will have learned by the end of this experience. I will be so much more comfortable with the production side of radio, which in turn will make me much more confident during future job interviews when they ask what my experience is in the field. It is only my third week at WGR550 and I have already learned so much more than I ever imagined. I am greatly looking forward to this semester at Entercom.