Internships are opportunities for students to get out of classroom and learn without restrictions. What you learn any given day is not predetermined; there is no syllabus, no papers or exams. Excitement builds up during the winter break. I was in constant contact with the individuals that I would be shadowing, and this was my way to get them thinking about the new intern coming to the station.

My internship at WIVB Channel 4 news is interesting. The workplace is always busy no matter what. When you’re in a news station there is a constant grind to be ahead of the pack. This benefits someone like me who does not like to stay idle for too long. On Tuesday I work in the newsroom. I answer the phone and research stories. I am constantly doing something to show I contribute in various ways. Phones call can be hilarious at times, whether it’s the older gentleman asking “when is the Super Bowl” or sweet old ladies saying “make sure you tell the weatherman to remind folks to bring their pets inside” because its cold. I’ve had a wide range of calls in just a few days. These calls may be return calls from doctors who are only available at a certain time. Information is hard to come by so we must be available when our sources reach out to us.

On Friday and Saturdays I jump in the news station vehicle and get my show on the road. I have  had two great days so far that will stick out in my mind for the rest of my life. I experienced the freezing weather of Buffalo while attending the opening of a new musical at Shea’s Performing Arts Center. It’s fun to see people happy even though I was freezing while working with the reporter and photog. If I didn’t learn my lesson to dress appropriately, traveling around the city documenting the car crashes on the Skyway and fires taught me. The ground can be slippery during the winter season and it is incredibly windy. I advise anyone out shooting to wear their boots and comfy clothing that they are warm in.  If we do not arrive on time, another station will still go get the shots. We must work fast because news doesn’t slow down; there are events happening all the time they will not wait.

Friendly competition can help to enhance your skills. There are other interns present at your job site who all have the similar goals in mind as you. They will try to show their best abilities, which you cannot fault them for.  Being a natural competitor, I take it as a direct challenge. We are competing for a job. It’s up to you to put your best foot forward as it relates to dress code, enthusiasm and story presentation. In a fast paced work environment it is up to me to stay attentive so I can bring knowledge that I can contribute to the team.

It may seem braggadocios to feel that no one can compete with you on your best day but that’s how I feel. If I apply all my talents and show what I’m truly capable of there’s no way that I should fail or not shine in comparison to my peers.

This semester will be enlightening. Do I want to work in the News? Questions like this will be answered during this semester as I walk to the path toward true adulthood. I am a piece of a big puzzle right now; it is up to me to distinguish myself to increase my value to the company. Internships will act as a springboard to tell me what direction my life is heading in. Hopefully it will result in me finding a job after college.