As I enter my second week at Pegula Sports and Entertainment, I’m very excited about what the rest of the semester has in store. The office has a very laid back atmosphere which has helped me feel more comfortable in the new environment. I knew a few of the editors from a project I worked on last semester, so the interview process wasn’t anything unbearable. My supervisor, Mark Blaszak, has been incredibly helpful and great to work with thus far. I was a bit nervous before heading in on my first day, but the office is relatively small and everyone has been quite kind.

Last week, we set up my work space which is right in the middle of the office, and worked out my hours. I think I’m pretty fortunate that they are very flexible about my hours. They’ve even invited me to use their offices as my own space to do schoolwork if I wanted to. After that, I was tasked with organizing their external hard drives and listing the content so the editors and videographers know exactly what is on every drive without having to plug them all into a computer. That took two days as I was assigned it towards the end of my day Thursday, so I finished it on Friday.

This week, Mark and I went over to the First Niagara Center to get an ID card and afterwards he gave me a tour of the building, as part of the internship might include doing some work on Buffalo Sabres and Buffalo Bandits broadcasts. When we arrived back at the PSE offices on the 31st floor of the One Seneca Tower, we all gathered around the desk of Joseph, one of the editors, and watched the rough edit of a video he is making for PSE’s record label, Black River Entertainment. After the video, everyone gave him suggestions on how to improve the video.

Although I haven’t done any video production yet, once the editors and videographers start working on new projects, I’ll be incorporated with them and I’m excited to start on my first video assignment.