I have finally finished my internship at Entercom Buffalo. I can honestly say that it has been a great experience. My supervisor Sam was so helpful. Actually, everyone I came in contact with at Entercom was extremely positive, outgoing, and friendly.

However, I am not done with my internship quite yet. I am coming back to Buffalo next week to work the two Christmas shows: The Kerfuffle Before Christmas, and Kissmas Bash. I am so excited about these shows because I have been doing a lot of work with Sam to help prepare for them both. I have been calling winners of Kissmas Bash/Kerfuffle winners, which has been very time-consuming but it helped Sam out so much that I didn’t mind doing it. Now, I get to see what everyone has been working so hard for finally unfold and pay off while I am back stage at the shows next week. I am so thankful for all of the experiences I have had while interning at Entercom. I know that I have made great relationships with employees there, and would feel very comfortable asking them for any type of recommendation in the futures as I job hunt after graduation. I also may be working part-time at Entercom if I can fit it into my crazy schedule for the Spring semester. Fingers crossed! I am very sad that this semester has come to an end and definitely learned so much thanks to Sam and many other Entercom employees.