When I met with Kevin Carr I was so unbelievably nervous, especially because I not only wanted to talk with him for my informational interview but I was also interested in an internship with his company next semester – so a lot was on the line.

Once I met him he was the kindest man and I was immediately at ease and no longer as nervous as I first was. I got to learn so much about Kevin and how he got to where he is today. He always wanted to be a play-by-play for the radio and ended up enjoying the behind the scenes work for the radio even better. That’s where he was more comfortable. He works for Entercom for the sports radio, one of Buffalo’s largest radio companies.

He told me he got to where he was today mostly from having a great adviser at Buffalo State College. His adviser had helped guide and motivate him to get where he was today. He also worked at his college radio station and did internships and worked terrible overnight hours, but that is what it takes to get a good job anywhere. The hard work always pays off. I got to learn all about the hardest aspects of his job as well as his favorite aspects of his job. He told me a lot about what it takes to be successful in the radio business and I can say that what he told me could probably apply to any job as well. He told me the importance of being on time for work – especially in radio, and doing all your responsibilities and tasks, and making sacrifices.

I learned so much in just one interview. I cannot appreciate enough the time he took to speak with me and the great advice he had given me. I left that interview so motivated to do as much as possible so that I can be as successful as him one day.